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Proof I’m From The Bay

Posted by Elijah on December 18, 2008


Erk tha Jerk – “Plane In the Air” f/Too $hort

(via Strivin’)

I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, (no matter the weather) get sick of hearing Too $hort yell “biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!” No, seriously, I’ve listened to his whole catalogue (and that’s seventeen full-lengths) and still, on a whim, I decided to listen to this new song by a guy I’ve never heard of, and when $hort Dog came in with his signature exclamation, it did the same thing to my little rap-nerd heart that discovering a previously unheard Q-Tip verse from 1991 would do. I don’t know why it works, I think it was just in the air where I grew up.

(Wait, I thought $hort said he was going to positive now or something. Oh well.)

Anyway, the song is some good, minimalist-type shit. Never heard of Erk, but weird name aside (I’ve been meaning to write a post about how all the good rapper names have been taken for a minute) this is quality. It was awfully catchy to me just now, but I’m only half awake, so I don’t know how much critical thinking I can guarantee at this juncture… biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!


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The Internet Is Now Complete

Posted by Elijah on December 14, 2008

Bold new edits:

Straight Outta Compton

Tell Me When To Go


So, someone has created the greatest way to view Youtube videos in the history of the world. I’m trying to think of the perfect hyperactive, kinda grimy, takes itself too seriously rap video for this… any suggestions?

Benny Hillifier

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Styley T

Posted by Elijah on December 12, 2008

Well, it was damn great, and Eskay’s got some highlights up.

My favorite part was probably Primo talking about his early group, made up of old friends of his. Just imagine if some of the most divine tracks in hip-hop had been rapped on by Sugar Pop and Styley T. Man, what a world it would have been.

But Premier, for God’s sake, release the alternate version of “Outta Here” for the rest of us. You mentioned that the first version had KRS dissing hella people on the chorus, and I felt everyone in the room perk up like some fuckin’ prairie dogs or some shit. I can’t imagine it would start any beef now, so come on, throw us a bone. Rosenberg, talk to your man! (Oh yeah, and thanks for a great damn night, both of y’all.)

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Bwa Ha Ha Ha *snort*

Posted by Elijah on December 11, 2008

I guess blogger payola happens now?

Hilarious, but it makes me sad we’ve got an average of -5 views over here, because I am more than broke enough to consider this shit. Damn, I mean I’m just a blogger, I don’t have to have principles: I’m more than ready to say that a third-rate, whooped-ass, budget-Grand Hustle sound is the best thing ever!

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Where I’mma Be Tonight

Posted by Elijah on December 11, 2008


Arrested Development – “Ease My Mind (Premier remix)” (This is a b-side and not actually off the album listed on the mp3, I just like putting good remixes at the end of the original’s albums in my iTunes.)

Devin the Dude – “Doobie Ashtray” from Just Tryin’ Ta Live

I may have been steady bumpin’ 8Ball & MJG recently, and I may wax nostalgic on Bay Area mobb music real regularly these days, but I’m still, always, on my New York shit too. So tonight, it’s all about this:

Peter Rosenberg Interviews DJ Premier In NYC

Dunno if there are still tickets available, but if so, all rap nerds should come by. You know you want to. I threw up two of the weirder, more incongruous Primo joints I could think of off the top of my head. “Doobie Ashtray” is an all-time fucking classic though. (H-Town connect! Don’t forget where the architect of NY hip-hop came from!)

(And, by the way, if you aren’t up on Juan Epstein, then for God’s sake make an alteration in your sad, sad life.)

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Well Goddamn

Posted by Elijah on December 9, 2008



Barring some huge surprise in the next few weeks, Killer Mike had the album of the fucking year. I’d like to throw up some joints from I Pledge Allegiance To the Grind II, but frankly, I want y’all to go out and pay for that shit, because hardly anyone fucking has. (I sure as hell did!) So personally, I’m happy to see Killer getting a deal that will, hopefully, spread his influence out a little farther.

T.I. Signs Killer Mike (via Nah Right, of course)

I guess T.I. didn’t take the Shawty Lo-assisted single about fake Atlanta-residents as anything aimed at him. Good thing too, since “2 Sides” fucking bangs. (Here’s a live performance for ya.) Do Tip and Mike have any connection that we know of other than “Never Scared”? (Which I mentioned just yesterday, who’da thunk it?) I don’t know, and, just like Mike in the interview, I don’t know what happened with B.G. or some of the other Grand Hustle signees either, but if one of the most conscious and gangsta rappers out there can get his voice heard, making the kind of music he’s been making so far (sorry to sound so stannish, but for God’s sake, buy that damn album!) than I’m all for it.

Between hearing this today, and finally giving B.o.B a listen last week, (more on that soon) I gotta say that things are looking good for Grand Hustle.

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Why? Because Fuck iTunes, That’s Why

Posted by Elijah on December 9, 2008


– Ludacris – “Let’s Stay Together” (Theater of the Mind iTunes bonus)

– Ludacris – “Down In the Dirty” f/Rick Ross & Bun B (Theater of the Mind leftover)

– Ludacris – Press the Start Button (Theater of the Mind Dutch iTunes bonus)

I don’t actually hate iTunes. Years of being a PC person started to fall apart just a little when I got an iPod like everyone else, and I organize my shit in iTunes, of course. But, I can never, ever, in good conscience pay money for DRM-laden music that can’t be played on anything else, even if it nets me an extra song or two (especially when that shit’s usually left off the album for a reason). So, to accompany my review, here are tracks 15-17 (kinda) of Theater of the Mind without any goofy-ass m4a bullshit.

“Let’s Stay Together” is the main iTunes bonus, and it was also on The Preview mixtape anyway, which I’m sure you can download anywhere if you try for two seconds. Definitely a strong mixtape, that track’s ok, but kinda weird. (Why the fuck do we care about Brad and Angelina, Luda?) I don’t know exactly what the deal is with “Down In the Dirty,” it wasn’t an iTunes bonus, and there was even a video, but it wasn’t on the album — maybe they only wanted one Rick Ross-assisted southern gangsta-type track on the album, and opted for the one actually called “Southern Gangsta.” The last one, “Press the Start Button” has been making the rounds recently, and it’s from the Dutch iTunes… for some reason. It’s kinda fun, although the track is probably a bit harder than a song all about video games warrants.

Whatever. Free music, bitches!

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This Phone Could Be Tapped, But I Don’t Give a Fuck About That

Posted by Elijah on December 8, 2008


And it ain't Akon. Hit the image for some goodness.

I always feel like some of these older rap labels with most of their catalogue out of print could do so much more with those records, even if they don’t wanna bother paying to reprint those motherfuckers. Plenty of these lesser-knowns aren’t even easy to download in the less than legal ways, (not that I know a thing about that) which leaves a lot of us rap-nerds ponying up for out of print CDs on Ebay. So my heart was warmed this morning when I saw on The Shrimp that Rap-a-Lot Records — never ones to shy away from gettin’ that money in some way — has a gang of their old shit for affordable $10 downloads at their site.

Rap-a-Lot Digital Store

Now you can own one of rap’s most offensive albums of all time, with the assurance that you are putting money into the hands of the men who crafted it. (Or, at least J. Prince, I’m not sure.)

Any other recommendations from the past Rap-a-Lot catalogue?

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Some Nerd Shit With Your Monday?

Posted by Elijah on December 8, 2008


(via BLVD ST, which you should all check regularly)

Along with rap, I get nerdy as shit off some comic book shit, so the art and title on this new Bone Crusher mixtape made my goddamn morning. Get familiar.

(That said… it’s fuckin’ Bone Crusher, I can’t pretend I’m gonna listen to it if Killer Mike ain’t talkin’ “my gun’s his favorite bitch and she’s got permanent PMS!”)

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Ok, Well That’s Actually Funny

Posted by Elijah on December 5, 2008

(via Nah Right)

I honestly don’t know if Kanye was trying to be funny, or was just being spoiled, or what. Despite my earlier rant, I don’t hate the guy, but sometimes it really is hard to tell with him. (His singing’s improving though.)

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