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50 Cent Hates Fat People

Posted by Elijah on February 5, 2009

Who could ever get tired of this cover? Oh, that's right. Everybody.

Who could ever get tired of this cover? Oh, that's right. Everybody.

No, seriously, think about that shit. Think it the fuck over.

We all remember how when Fiddy was still going at Ja (ha! Ja Rule a star, what a ridiculous idea!) he went all out at Jadakiss and Fat Joe too just for doing a song with ol’ Jeffrey Zuko by way of one of the ugliest videos ever. But of the three he dissed (Nas came up too), which one did he just not ever, ever let up on? Which one did he rail against with fat joke after fat joke, even when the man had “Fat” right in his goddamn name? Sure, sure, maaaaybe 50 really pushed the beef with Joe, who has admitted to never having exchanged any words with 50 in person, because Kiss and Nas are stronger rappers, but that possibility undermines my point. So fuck it.

The point is, it ain’t just Rawwwws (fuck that “Rickyyyy” shit, Curtissss is just trying to turn things around). Back when Fiddy did “How To Rob” (man, remember hungry 50 Cent? and how he was still boring?) he dissed everyone, but he reserved a special barb for Big Pun’s weight, which, to be fair, was as cheap a shot as… well, I was gonna say something about the broad side of a barn, but that’s a cheap shot too. And if we move back up to nowadays, I sure as shit don’t remember seeing any shitty cartoons or baby-mama-drama or shitty photoshops (see Fat Joe) about Kanye or Weezy or Cam’Ron even Game, all of whom he’s taken shots at over the last few years.

Also, why Khaled if not a fat-phobia? And why, out of all of G-Unit, is Yayo especially Fiddy’s demeaned little Henchman (no Jimmy Henchman)? And let’s not forget that M.O.P ended up leaving the Unit partly because 50 insisted on getting them in shape.

Yeah. That’d work.

So, what does it all come down to? Other than envy over the size of man-tits? Well, I’m glad you asked. You know how of all people in this world, the ones who are the absolute meanest to big girls — with no humor or sarcasm behind it, just straight malevolence — are the skinny chicks? The ones who starve themselves or work out like crazy to keep from becoming the fat girl that they all think they teeter on the brink of becoming?

You have your answer. Makes you feel a little sorry for Fiddy, doesn’t it? He’s just insecure and upset, and he needs to work through his issues like anyone else: by dancing around the kitchen table, singing with his best girlfriends, and launching an all-out media blitz against someone he barely knows.



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Forward To Moses, and CC Allah

Posted by Elijah on January 17, 2009


Young Jeezy – “My President” featuring Nas (link to video at OnSmash)

Well, it may not exist in a version embeddable in WordPress, but the video for the national anthem is out. If you ask me, no song better caught the moment in time, and I mean that. On election night, when the final results came in, I just switched to a live feed of everyone wildin’ the fuck out at Hyde Park, turned down the sound, and played “My President” three or four times in a row. Nothing would have fit better, and now a Jeezy song will be forever etched in my mind as the soundtrack to that historic moment.

Damn, I never thought I’d say that.

Besides being one of two times in ’08 that a rapper got Nas on his “conscious” cut and managed to completely outdo Mr. Jones, (three times if you count “Fried Chicken”) “My President” isn’t, of course, strictly about Obama and politics. There’s also crack talk and discussion of rims. Some could argue, therefore, that it isn’t the best summation of the moment of Obama’s election. Some motherfuckers don’t have ears. Sure, we were deluged with songs about how great Obama’s win was after his win, but those songs, dedicated entirely to Mr. President Elect, were all corny as goddamn hell. Jeezy’s entry, on the other hand, is everything Jeezy’s good at too: big and sweeping, victorious and motivational. It’s the anthem, these others are “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” or some shit.

(All things considered, it didn’t hurt that The Recession was better than a lot of records in ’08.)

Of course, there is one other political song out right now that might be even better, and that’s Lee “Scratch” Perry’s remake of the classic “Chase the Devil” (which everyone should know) where an old man rants extra-crazy about George Bush. My friend described it as being in “you kids get off my lawn which is made of moon orphans” territory.

Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Chase the Devil (George Bush)” (link to The Stranger)

It’s a loony good time! Hooray for politics!

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Why? Because Fuck iTunes, That’s Why

Posted by Elijah on December 9, 2008


– Ludacris – “Let’s Stay Together” (Theater of the Mind iTunes bonus)

– Ludacris – “Down In the Dirty” f/Rick Ross & Bun B (Theater of the Mind leftover)

– Ludacris – Press the Start Button (Theater of the Mind Dutch iTunes bonus)

I don’t actually hate iTunes. Years of being a PC person started to fall apart just a little when I got an iPod like everyone else, and I organize my shit in iTunes, of course. But, I can never, ever, in good conscience pay money for DRM-laden music that can’t be played on anything else, even if it nets me an extra song or two (especially when that shit’s usually left off the album for a reason). So, to accompany my review, here are tracks 15-17 (kinda) of Theater of the Mind without any goofy-ass m4a bullshit.

“Let’s Stay Together” is the main iTunes bonus, and it was also on The Preview mixtape anyway, which I’m sure you can download anywhere if you try for two seconds. Definitely a strong mixtape, that track’s ok, but kinda weird. (Why the fuck do we care about Brad and Angelina, Luda?) I don’t know exactly what the deal is with “Down In the Dirty,” it wasn’t an iTunes bonus, and there was even a video, but it wasn’t on the album — maybe they only wanted one Rick Ross-assisted southern gangsta-type track on the album, and opted for the one actually called “Southern Gangsta.” The last one, “Press the Start Button” has been making the rounds recently, and it’s from the Dutch iTunes… for some reason. It’s kinda fun, although the track is probably a bit harder than a song all about video games warrants.

Whatever. Free music, bitches!

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This Phone Could Be Tapped, But I Don’t Give a Fuck About That

Posted by Elijah on December 8, 2008


And it ain't Akon. Hit the image for some goodness.

I always feel like some of these older rap labels with most of their catalogue out of print could do so much more with those records, even if they don’t wanna bother paying to reprint those motherfuckers. Plenty of these lesser-knowns aren’t even easy to download in the less than legal ways, (not that I know a thing about that) which leaves a lot of us rap-nerds ponying up for out of print CDs on Ebay. So my heart was warmed this morning when I saw on The Shrimp that Rap-a-Lot Records — never ones to shy away from gettin’ that money in some way — has a gang of their old shit for affordable $10 downloads at their site.

Rap-a-Lot Digital Store

Now you can own one of rap’s most offensive albums of all time, with the assurance that you are putting money into the hands of the men who crafted it. (Or, at least J. Prince, I’m not sure.)

Any other recommendations from the past Rap-a-Lot catalogue?

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Some Nerd Shit With Your Monday?

Posted by Elijah on December 8, 2008


(via BLVD ST, which you should all check regularly)

Along with rap, I get nerdy as shit off some comic book shit, so the art and title on this new Bone Crusher mixtape made my goddamn morning. Get familiar.

(That said… it’s fuckin’ Bone Crusher, I can’t pretend I’m gonna listen to it if Killer Mike ain’t talkin’ “my gun’s his favorite bitch and she’s got permanent PMS!”)

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I Keeps It Really Real Like My Last Album

Posted by Elijah on July 26, 2007

Just a little somethin’ somethin’.

I know it’s just some a capellas matched with a different beat, but this fits too damn well (I wonder if there’s an mp3). While I won’t even try to compare this to the original version of “Ha”–which has an entirely different appeal–I will venture to say that this is far better than either of the “Ha” remixes from Juvenile’s first album. Not that that’s a hard threshold to reach. This beat’s 9 years old and I could still listen to it over and over again every day, no matter who’s on it.

And man, this makes me wish that we could get an actual Grand Puba, Mannie Fresh collabo… strange as that would be. (Clearly the song would be about pussy.)

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I Can’t Forget Today I Shot That Bad Bitch Down

Posted by Elijah on June 27, 2007

Johnny Cash – “Cocaine Blues (live)”
At Folsom Prison, 1968

Damn ya’ll, sorry I just haven’t been around. For some reason I just haven’t been too motivated to write much about music recently… it might be because there’s not alot going on (and what there is has been getting covered plenty well as is). It might also be because myself and the rest of the gang here have been getting out most of our snarky complaints in person–we need to work on that. (Real life’s also been getting in my way recently… bitch, bitch, bitch.)

Anyway, since I don’t have anything too interesting to write on my own at the moment, I’ll point your attention to a very interesting and well-written post by Brandon Soderberg at the newly-revamped

Rap & Country

As a rule, I really don’t listen to much white folks music. Dunno why, the bulk of it just never spoke to me (even though it maybe should). That said, I’ve been a Johnny Cash fan since way back in the day. (Granted, when it comes to Cash my own “back in the day” is still pretty late in his career, but it is years before he died, so that should be something.) Anyway, while the Soderberg post is good because it goes beyond comparing rap and country in terms of the old “Johnny Cash talked about killing people!” argument, I’m still posting one of my all-time favorite songs, because I feel like it.

I know, I know, it’s already a classic album and I’m not exactly presenting you with something obscure, but the Man In Black dropped the b-word way back in the 60’s……..

uh, bitches.

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I’ll Make You Hit A Note Like Minnie Ripperton

Posted by drmilktrain on June 19, 2007

Missed us?

Under the pleading of Elijah, who requested the next BTBS post contain good music lest we lose the respect of our readerbase (the three out of the eight that aren’t personal friends anyway), I racked my brain for quite some time as to what could be posted to follow up Whistle Week.

Mojoe, a duo repping San Antonio, Texas, seemed like a logical choice. Consisting of Easy Lee and Tre, they describe themselves as “The Roots meet Outkast over dinner with Marvin Gaye at D’Angelo’s house,” a line-up of hip-hop and R&B that, if true, I couldn’t be mad at. Of course, their debut classic.soul.ghetto is not the promised musical medley. I’m sure if they were I would’ve have found out about them based off the strength of something more respectable than the cool colors of some online banner.

But they are damn good to listen to.

Mojoe-“Gumbo Groove”

The appropriately titled “Gumbo Groove” is the kind of effortless funk Mojoe was meant to do, four minutes of smooth guitars, 70’s bass, porn bongos, sung hooks and fun raps. Though neither Lee nor Tre are the best rappers, singers or lyricists they put all of what they’ve got together to create something that most artists today lack- style. classic.soul.ghetto is front-to-back cool-as-hell jams. Good to vibe to, good to get down to.

Mojoe-“3rd Coast Anthem”

What’s most surprising about Mojoe is how unSouthern the group sounds, particularly considering the success it has received recently. In fact, “3rd Coast Anthem” ‘s buzzing bassline, piano keys and slighly Parliamentish chorus sound more akin to the left. The shit’s still crazy dope though.

Mojoe-“Funky Lac”

Whatever sound they’re behind though, their drawls still keep the affair below the Mason-Dixon. And the content often reveals their down home roots. “Funky Lac” finds Mojoe trading lines about their whip of choice, “Gold Tooth Diva” and “Voodoo Coochie” (goddamn I love that title) talk about those southern ladies, and “True Jewels” reminisces about lost legends like Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and DJ Screw.

So, yeah.
There you go. No sarcasm. No rapper bashing. Just good music y’all should peep.

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Aaaaaand… Revisited

Posted by Elijah on June 4, 2007

Ok, so I know everyone’s already posted this, but with all the goddamn coverage we gave to this song in our first fledgling weeks I figured I really had to throw this one up here.

That, and it’s a genius fucking video. The fact that it starts with a wedding, not so surprising… but that it continues with that motif the whole way through is some kind of wonderful. I believe Petro, who was watching over my shoulder, was the one to remark “Pimp C probably would tell a story like that at a wedding reception.” Of course, they coulda just been rushed and lazy; note that everyone has only one outfit. Amongst all the great cameos, a newly-beardless David Banner going crazy in Bun B’s passenger seat is definitely a real fuckin’ highlight.

Oh, and Andre represents for all the Black Scots out there–word to Samuel L. Jackson and Nazty Fresh!

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The Party Post

Posted by drmilktrain on May 25, 2007

As I’m sure most of our readerbase is well aware of, or anyone that took a moment to peep Elijah’s dedication, good friend Noah Waterman is leaving for the Freshcoast and shall never be seen as regularly as liked. And I can’t be mad at a brother, he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, so instead I’ll give him my best blessings, with 100 party jams to get busy with now that he’s moved to the left, to the left.

Thr tricky part, since Noah always provided the party ‘pod, was to craft a list of songs I don’t think he has, or the very least hasn’t considered for a party yet. Unforch for all you bay-heads out there, this rules out a large chunk of hyphy and West Coast in general. But it’s about time. Anyway, the songs are available in their sets of five. Download what you like and bitch about what you don’t.

So here we go. This one’s for you, bro. A BTB5 mega post for everyone’s favorite party starter: Noah Waterman.

5 Old School Misogony Jams

  1. N.W.A.-“A Bitch Iz A Bitch”
  2. Stingee-“Take Dem Panties Off”
  3. II Nazty-“Pussy Whipped”
  4. MC Brains-“Oochie Coochie”
  5. 2 Live Crew-“If You Believe in Having Sex”

5 Bad Boy Party Jams

  1. Notorious B.I.G. feat. 112-“Sky’s the Limit”
  2. Craig Mack feat. Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy, LL Cool J, Rampage & Busta Rhymes-“Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)”
  3. Black Rob-“Whoa”
  4. Harlem World feat. Ma$e & Kelly Price-“I Really Like It”
  5. G-Dep feat. Ghostface Killah, Keith Murray, Craig Mack and Puff Daddy-“Special Delivery (Remix)”

5 R-O-C Party Jams

  1. Clinton Sparks feat. Memphis Bleek, Beanie Siegel & Joe Budden-“Roc Cafe”
  2. Cam’ron feat. Ludacris, Juelz Santana, UGK & Trina-“What Means the World”
  3. Freeway-“Where You Been”
  4. Memphis Bleek feat. M.O.P.-“First, Last, Only”
  5. Young Gunz-“Friday Night”

5 Native Tongues Can Throw a Party Like Your Favorite Rapper Jams

  1. Black Sheep-“B-Boy’s Theme”
  2. A Tribe Called Quest feat. Erykah Badu-“ICU (Doin’ It)”
  3. The Beatnuts feat. Method Man-“Se Acabo (remix)”
  4. Brand Nubian-“Brand Nubian”
  5. De La Soul feat. Busta Rhymes-“I C Y’all”

5 Other Coast Rappers Trying To Sound West Jams

  1. Method Man feat. Redman & Snoop Dogg-“We Some Doggs”
  2. Jay-Z feat. Dr. Dre-“Watch Me”
  3. Ludacris feat. DJ Quik-“Spur of the Moment (remix)”
  4. Fabolous feat. Nate Dogg-“You Can’t Deny It”
  5. Jadakiss feat. Snoop Dogg & DJ Quik-“Shine”

5 Ladies Turn Jams

  1. Lil Mama-“Lipgloss”
  2. Missy Eliot feat. Ciara & Fatman Scoop-“Lose Control”
  3. Lauryn Hill-“Doo Wop (That Thing)”
  4. Will.I.Am. feat. MC Lyte & Fergie-“Mash Out”
  5. Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Invincible-“Detroit Winter”

5 British Jams

  1. Lethal Bizzle feat. Fire Camp-“No!”
  2. Kano-“Remember Me”
  3. Low Deep feat. Kano & Doctor Ghetto-“Get Set”
  4. Wiley-“Reasons”
  5. Dizzee Rascal feat. Marga Man-“Girls”

5 Midwest Jams

  1. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-“Thuggish Ruggish Bone”
  2. Nelly feat. Murphy Lee, Freeway & Beanie Siegel-“Rock the Mic (Remix)”
  3. Lupe Fiasco-“Tilted”
  4. Hi-Tek feat. Talib Kweli, Slim Thug & Snoop Dogg-“The Nati Streets”
  5. Slum Village feat. MC Breed-“Do You”

5 Tennesse Jams

  1. 8Ball & MJG-“Ridin’ High”
  2. Crunchy Black feat. T-Rock-“Don’t Trust ‘Em”
  3. Project Pat-“Good Googly Moogly”
  4. Three 6 Mafia feat. Trick Daddy, Slim Thug & Project Pat-“Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix)”
  5. Young Buck-“Shorty Wanna Ride”

5 Florida-Squeezed Jams

  1. DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Rick Ross & Pitbull-“Holla At Me Baby”
  2. Dre feat. Keiysha Cole-“Be Somebody”
  3. Trick Daddy feat. Slip-N-Slide Allstars & Trina-“Take It To The House”
  4. Rick Ross feat. Dre-“Blow”
  5. Will Smith-“Miami”

5 Timbaland (Produced Only, Don’t Worry!) Jams

  1. Cee-Lo feat. Timbaland-“I’ll Be Around”
  2. Petey Pablo feat. Bubba Sparxxx-“Get On Dis Motorcycle”
  3. The Game-“Put You On The Game”
  4. Ludacris feat. Timbaland-“Phat Rabbit”
  5. Jay-Z feat. Sean Paul-“What They Gonna Do”

5 A-Town Jams

  1. Lil Jon feat. Bun B, Jadakiss, T.I., Nas and Ice Cube-“Grand Finale”
  2. Ying Yang Twins feat. Trick Daddy-“What’s Happenin!”
  3. Dungeon Family-“Crooked Booty”
  4. TLC feat. Lil Jon and Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz-“Whatcha Gon Do?”
  5. Yung Wun feat. DMX, David Banner & Lil Flip-“Tear It Up”

5 Lone Star Jams

  1. Devin The Dude feat. KB-“Party”
  2. Trae feat. Three 6 Mafia & Paul Wall-“Cadillac”
  3. Z-Ro feat. Devin the Dude & Juvenile-“The Mule”
  4. Slim Thug feat. Bun B & T.I.-“Three Kings”
  5. UGK feat. T.I.-“Hit the Block”

5 Philly Jams

  1. The Roots feat. Dice Raw & Malik B-“Here I Come”
  2. Will Smith-“Wild, Wild West”
  3. Freeway feat. Peedi Crakk-“Flipside”
  4. Cassidy feat. Swizz Beatz-“Get ‘Em”
  5. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Chef-“Shake It Off”

5 Slightly Older Than The Next List West Coast Jams

  1. Kokane-“Bakin’ Soda Free”
  2. Black Eyed Peas-“Tell Your Mama Come”
  3. Cali Agents-“Take It Back Home”
  4. Dr. Dre feat. George Clinton & Snoop Dogg-“Let Me Ride (Remix)
  5. Warren G-“This Is The Shack”

5 Slightly Newer Than The Previous List West Coast Jams

  1. Tha Dogg Pound feat. Snoop Dogg-“Cali Iz Active”
  2. Blackalicious feat. Gil Scott-Heron-“First In Flight”
  3. Snoop Dogg feat. Jamie Foxx-“Psst!”
  4. DJ Shadow feat. Keak da Sneak & Turf Talk-“3 Freaks”
  5. Suga Free feat. Blaqthoven-“Person 2 Person”

5 Remixed R&B Jams

  1. Janet Jackson feat. Jermaine Dupri-“Someone to Call My Lover (Remix)”
  2. Missy Elliot feat. Nas, Lil Mo, Eve & Q-Tip-“Hot Boyz (Remix)”
  3. R. Kelly feat. Sean Paul & Akon-“Slow Wind (Remix)”
  4. Wayne Wonder feat. Elephant Man & Bounty Killah-“Got Somebody (Remix)”
  5. Michael Jackson feat. Eve-“Butterflies (Remix)”

5 Instrumental Dance Jams

  1. RJD2-“Iced Lightning”
  2. Cut Chemist-“A Peak In Time”
  3. Mark Ronson feat. The Daptone Horns-“God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”
  4. Praful-“Moon Glide”
  5. Gary Wilson-“She Makes Me Think of Endicott”

5 Petro-Approved Party Jams

  1. T.I. feat. Young Jeezy, Young Dro, Big Kuntry & B.G.-“Top Back (Remix)
  2. Cypress Hill feat. Redman & Method Man-“Red, Meth & B”
  3. Ying Yang Twins feat. Wyclef Jean-“Dangerous”
  4. R. Kelly feat. T.I. & T-Pain-“Ima Flirt (Remix)”
  5. Redman feat. Ghostface, Ludacris & Icarus-“Future Thug”

5 Party-Closing Jams

  1. Sa-Ra-“Bitch”
  2. Lil Kim feat. Lil Cease & Notorious B.I.G.-“Crush On You”
  3. T-Pain feat. Trick Daddy & Youngbloodz-“I’m Sprung (Remix)”
  4. Terror Squad-“Take Me Home”
  5. Will.I.Am-“Tell of Tales (Tell Me When You Need It Again)”

Party on, playboy. Party on.

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