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It’s the Return of the Gangsta, Thanks Ta…

Posted by Elijah on December 4, 2008


– Lord Finesse – “Return of the Funky Man”

So yes, we are back. All two of you can rejoice.

Why were we gone so long? Well, other than laziness, let’s just say that the death of Pimp C hit us so hard here at BTBS that it took us a year to feel excited enough about rap music to bother writing about it. You might think that I’m joking, but I’m not. Why, it seems like only yesterday our first little blog was getting up off its feet with post after post about “Int’l Players Anthem” and how Pimp had the best verse on a song with Andre, Bun B, and Big Boi. The good ol’ days.

There isn’t anything for me to say about Pimp C that isn’t being said better here, here, and here, except that he was proof positive that, despite my recent rant against Kanye, a rapper singing can be a beautiful thing.

So, back to us. There are still some kinks to work out: the visuals will change, the past posts will have the right names attached to them, and Nazty Fresh, the originator, will be here. But for now bear with us. If you’re new, and you want to see the old posts in all their glory, with various piece of embedded media attached that didn’t make it in the transition, the original site is right here.

Oh, and if you ain’t know, B.S. stands for “Butt Sex.”


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I Rap When I Rap Because…

Posted by Elijah on December 4, 2008

A Tribe Called Quest – “One Two Shit” featuring Busta Rhymes

@ 2:10… too true, Phife, too true.

Yes, yes, we’ve returned after so very long. The blog looks basic, no explanations of where we’ve been, and right now my name is on every past post, whether or not I wrote it, but We’ll get into that later. Right now, venting is necessary.

Let me make clear, before I begin, that I have no real problem with the whole autotune phenomenon. In fact, I honestly really like T-Pain, and the slightly autotune-tinged “Can You Hear Me” should’ve been the summer’s goddamn anthem (it helps that Killer didn’t use the plugin himself). What’s more, I’ve never really hated on Kanye before. I don’t care how much of a douche someone allegedly is, so long as I enjoy their work, and I couldn’t get with people getting heated over his being “arrogant” when arrogance is the fucking backbone of hip-hop (maybe the fifth element or some shit, I dunno). And, while I thought that 808s and Heartbreak was a damn silly idea, it didn’t make me angry.

Oh yeah — I am also fully aware that Kanye couldn’t give a fuck what I think, if he ever heard of me.

But, alllllll that aside… what the fuck?

No, seriously. I mean, I could go on a long rant about how irritating it is that many rappers see singing as “experimental” or more “sincere/emotional/whatever” than rapping, but I couldn’t word it half as well as Noz did (specifically the bit about snap music and Pharoahe Monch). And besides, it ain’t automatically a bad thing when rappas tern sanga (I kinda want L-Boogie back, tho). But what is this condescending bullshit?

How is rap music “cliche” and then you’re gonna turn around and say that wanting to be in the category of some artists from the 60’s is moving forward? And how the fuck are you gonna go and shit all over our artform by condensing it into “Taking a sample, looping it and doing all that ‘throw your hands up in the sky’ thing”? That’s some middle-aged white dad (not mine, but you get the idea) saying that rap music “is all people talking about guns and whores with no melody” type of shit. (I hope y’all heard the black-comedian-being-a-white-man voice just then.) Seriously now, how you gonna say that shit about a genre that birthed A Tribe Called Quest, E-40, Wu-Tang, Three 6, and so on, and so forth. (Especially coming from the only person who’s managed to still sound tone deaf on autotune. Zing!)

This, by the way, has nothing to do with the album itself, which I didn’t hate. (Short review: he should’ve written and produced it for a real singer.) But you know, if Kanye wants to leave behind rap music forever, well good. I liked all of his previous records, and I guess I’ll be a little disappointed to see him go, but we really don’t need this grumpy old man, bigger-than-rap, “I need to sing to be taken seriously” bullshit. You look down on all the artists who have kept this shit alive and interesting in the past 30-some-odd years? Well, get gone then.

Sigh. It’s too bad that in five years, tops, (probably two) motherfucker’ll be right back to rappin’.

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The Party Post

Posted by drmilktrain on May 25, 2007

As I’m sure most of our readerbase is well aware of, or anyone that took a moment to peep Elijah’s dedication, good friend Noah Waterman is leaving for the Freshcoast and shall never be seen as regularly as liked. And I can’t be mad at a brother, he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, so instead I’ll give him my best blessings, with 100 party jams to get busy with now that he’s moved to the left, to the left.

Thr tricky part, since Noah always provided the party ‘pod, was to craft a list of songs I don’t think he has, or the very least hasn’t considered for a party yet. Unforch for all you bay-heads out there, this rules out a large chunk of hyphy and West Coast in general. But it’s about time. Anyway, the songs are available in their sets of five. Download what you like and bitch about what you don’t.

So here we go. This one’s for you, bro. A BTB5 mega post for everyone’s favorite party starter: Noah Waterman.

5 Old School Misogony Jams

  1. N.W.A.-“A Bitch Iz A Bitch”
  2. Stingee-“Take Dem Panties Off”
  3. II Nazty-“Pussy Whipped”
  4. MC Brains-“Oochie Coochie”
  5. 2 Live Crew-“If You Believe in Having Sex”

5 Bad Boy Party Jams

  1. Notorious B.I.G. feat. 112-“Sky’s the Limit”
  2. Craig Mack feat. Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy, LL Cool J, Rampage & Busta Rhymes-“Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)”
  3. Black Rob-“Whoa”
  4. Harlem World feat. Ma$e & Kelly Price-“I Really Like It”
  5. G-Dep feat. Ghostface Killah, Keith Murray, Craig Mack and Puff Daddy-“Special Delivery (Remix)”

5 R-O-C Party Jams

  1. Clinton Sparks feat. Memphis Bleek, Beanie Siegel & Joe Budden-“Roc Cafe”
  2. Cam’ron feat. Ludacris, Juelz Santana, UGK & Trina-“What Means the World”
  3. Freeway-“Where You Been”
  4. Memphis Bleek feat. M.O.P.-“First, Last, Only”
  5. Young Gunz-“Friday Night”

5 Native Tongues Can Throw a Party Like Your Favorite Rapper Jams

  1. Black Sheep-“B-Boy’s Theme”
  2. A Tribe Called Quest feat. Erykah Badu-“ICU (Doin’ It)”
  3. The Beatnuts feat. Method Man-“Se Acabo (remix)”
  4. Brand Nubian-“Brand Nubian”
  5. De La Soul feat. Busta Rhymes-“I C Y’all”

5 Other Coast Rappers Trying To Sound West Jams

  1. Method Man feat. Redman & Snoop Dogg-“We Some Doggs”
  2. Jay-Z feat. Dr. Dre-“Watch Me”
  3. Ludacris feat. DJ Quik-“Spur of the Moment (remix)”
  4. Fabolous feat. Nate Dogg-“You Can’t Deny It”
  5. Jadakiss feat. Snoop Dogg & DJ Quik-“Shine”

5 Ladies Turn Jams

  1. Lil Mama-“Lipgloss”
  2. Missy Eliot feat. Ciara & Fatman Scoop-“Lose Control”
  3. Lauryn Hill-“Doo Wop (That Thing)”
  4. Will.I.Am. feat. MC Lyte & Fergie-“Mash Out”
  5. Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Invincible-“Detroit Winter”

5 British Jams

  1. Lethal Bizzle feat. Fire Camp-“No!”
  2. Kano-“Remember Me”
  3. Low Deep feat. Kano & Doctor Ghetto-“Get Set”
  4. Wiley-“Reasons”
  5. Dizzee Rascal feat. Marga Man-“Girls”

5 Midwest Jams

  1. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-“Thuggish Ruggish Bone”
  2. Nelly feat. Murphy Lee, Freeway & Beanie Siegel-“Rock the Mic (Remix)”
  3. Lupe Fiasco-“Tilted”
  4. Hi-Tek feat. Talib Kweli, Slim Thug & Snoop Dogg-“The Nati Streets”
  5. Slum Village feat. MC Breed-“Do You”

5 Tennesse Jams

  1. 8Ball & MJG-“Ridin’ High”
  2. Crunchy Black feat. T-Rock-“Don’t Trust ‘Em”
  3. Project Pat-“Good Googly Moogly”
  4. Three 6 Mafia feat. Trick Daddy, Slim Thug & Project Pat-“Stay Fly (Still Fly Remix)”
  5. Young Buck-“Shorty Wanna Ride”

5 Florida-Squeezed Jams

  1. DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Rick Ross & Pitbull-“Holla At Me Baby”
  2. Dre feat. Keiysha Cole-“Be Somebody”
  3. Trick Daddy feat. Slip-N-Slide Allstars & Trina-“Take It To The House”
  4. Rick Ross feat. Dre-“Blow”
  5. Will Smith-“Miami”

5 Timbaland (Produced Only, Don’t Worry!) Jams

  1. Cee-Lo feat. Timbaland-“I’ll Be Around”
  2. Petey Pablo feat. Bubba Sparxxx-“Get On Dis Motorcycle”
  3. The Game-“Put You On The Game”
  4. Ludacris feat. Timbaland-“Phat Rabbit”
  5. Jay-Z feat. Sean Paul-“What They Gonna Do”

5 A-Town Jams

  1. Lil Jon feat. Bun B, Jadakiss, T.I., Nas and Ice Cube-“Grand Finale”
  2. Ying Yang Twins feat. Trick Daddy-“What’s Happenin!”
  3. Dungeon Family-“Crooked Booty”
  4. TLC feat. Lil Jon and Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz-“Whatcha Gon Do?”
  5. Yung Wun feat. DMX, David Banner & Lil Flip-“Tear It Up”

5 Lone Star Jams

  1. Devin The Dude feat. KB-“Party”
  2. Trae feat. Three 6 Mafia & Paul Wall-“Cadillac”
  3. Z-Ro feat. Devin the Dude & Juvenile-“The Mule”
  4. Slim Thug feat. Bun B & T.I.-“Three Kings”
  5. UGK feat. T.I.-“Hit the Block”

5 Philly Jams

  1. The Roots feat. Dice Raw & Malik B-“Here I Come”
  2. Will Smith-“Wild, Wild West”
  3. Freeway feat. Peedi Crakk-“Flipside”
  4. Cassidy feat. Swizz Beatz-“Get ‘Em”
  5. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Chef-“Shake It Off”

5 Slightly Older Than The Next List West Coast Jams

  1. Kokane-“Bakin’ Soda Free”
  2. Black Eyed Peas-“Tell Your Mama Come”
  3. Cali Agents-“Take It Back Home”
  4. Dr. Dre feat. George Clinton & Snoop Dogg-“Let Me Ride (Remix)
  5. Warren G-“This Is The Shack”

5 Slightly Newer Than The Previous List West Coast Jams

  1. Tha Dogg Pound feat. Snoop Dogg-“Cali Iz Active”
  2. Blackalicious feat. Gil Scott-Heron-“First In Flight”
  3. Snoop Dogg feat. Jamie Foxx-“Psst!”
  4. DJ Shadow feat. Keak da Sneak & Turf Talk-“3 Freaks”
  5. Suga Free feat. Blaqthoven-“Person 2 Person”

5 Remixed R&B Jams

  1. Janet Jackson feat. Jermaine Dupri-“Someone to Call My Lover (Remix)”
  2. Missy Elliot feat. Nas, Lil Mo, Eve & Q-Tip-“Hot Boyz (Remix)”
  3. R. Kelly feat. Sean Paul & Akon-“Slow Wind (Remix)”
  4. Wayne Wonder feat. Elephant Man & Bounty Killah-“Got Somebody (Remix)”
  5. Michael Jackson feat. Eve-“Butterflies (Remix)”

5 Instrumental Dance Jams

  1. RJD2-“Iced Lightning”
  2. Cut Chemist-“A Peak In Time”
  3. Mark Ronson feat. The Daptone Horns-“God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”
  4. Praful-“Moon Glide”
  5. Gary Wilson-“She Makes Me Think of Endicott”

5 Petro-Approved Party Jams

  1. T.I. feat. Young Jeezy, Young Dro, Big Kuntry & B.G.-“Top Back (Remix)
  2. Cypress Hill feat. Redman & Method Man-“Red, Meth & B”
  3. Ying Yang Twins feat. Wyclef Jean-“Dangerous”
  4. R. Kelly feat. T.I. & T-Pain-“Ima Flirt (Remix)”
  5. Redman feat. Ghostface, Ludacris & Icarus-“Future Thug”

5 Party-Closing Jams

  1. Sa-Ra-“Bitch”
  2. Lil Kim feat. Lil Cease & Notorious B.I.G.-“Crush On You”
  3. T-Pain feat. Trick Daddy & Youngbloodz-“I’m Sprung (Remix)”
  4. Terror Squad-“Take Me Home”
  5. Will.I.Am-“Tell of Tales (Tell Me When You Need It Again)”

Party on, playboy. Party on.

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A Little Less West and A Little More…West?

Posted by drmilktrain on May 16, 2007

Word on the street, or, says that Kanye West’s next album, Graduation, is coming out sometime in September. As usual, Kanye’ been rather tight-lipped about the guest spots I actually care about (i.e. the good rappers that will probably kill their spot), yet he still assures me that he’s working with Jon Brion and has Chris Martin on “Homecoming,” which will probably be the first single. How…done before.
In my search for anything of interest about the album, I came across the full version of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” a track where West shares production with DJ Toomp. This alone made me curious enough to want to take a closer look.


To be fair, the track sounds much more like College Dropout than it does Late Registration, which, for the moment, silences my worries that this album was going to try and out-grand his last effort. But several things about this track bother me. I don’t really need those Jeezy adlibs throughout, the threat of a Jeezy verse just around the corner is not the kind of four minute anxiety attack I really need. The production is…not really the finest either. You can most certainly here Toomp’s influence all over the track. However, with all the “emotion” and “soul” that Brion and West respectively program overtop of the track really water it down. Additionally, it should be noted Toomp really only makes two kinds of tracks-angry or loud, sometimes both, always really fucking good. Oh, and this. I’m not really feeling this marriage of styles. The only reason it doesn’t bother me more is that plenty of leaked tracks got flipped and changed up before Late Registration. My two largest gripes with the song I blame squarely on Mr. West. The hook is bad, rivaling that one from “Hey Mama” for worst ‘Ye hook. Second, I’m tired of the modestly superstar, humbly corrupted, wonderfully flawed schtick that Kanye’s been working since he started wrapping. It made a good point on “Breathe In, Breathe Out,” but now he’s effectively managed to make it a part of his emcee character to the point that he can utilize it and still say nothing on a track. Think Blackout! but for just this song.

What Kanye needs to do is a take a page out of another Mr. West who has an album coming out soon: Cornel West. Never Forget: A Journey In Revelations, is scheduled to be released June 19th. Now, I recognize this album will be far from perfect, and probably too preachy for me to really enjoy that much save for a few cuts (no disrespect to his writing though, West is a genius). However, Cornel has the right formula. Get some ill like minded MCs to come in and make an album you really believe in. I’m sure “Mr. President” featuring KRS-One and M-1 is going to pure fire. I’m certain Killer Mike is going to destroy his guest spot. The joint with Prince, which you can stream here (click “Dear, Mr. Man”) is pretty nice. And I most certainly ain’t gonna be mad at the line-up: Rhymefest, Kweli, Black Thought, Rah Digga and Tavis Smiley. I’m also extremely curious to see how the deja-vuish “Chronometrophobia” featuring Andre3000 sounds.

Ideally, these two albums could merge into one super “power to the people” album. Kanye handling the “black people are imperfect” part, Cornel handling the “white people are imperfect” part until everyone (somehow) feels good.

Just a thought.

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Butter Than Butt Five Week 4!

Posted by drmilktrain on May 7, 2007

Since, I’ve had quite a few songs that I’ve wanted to comment on/share, it really seems only right that I turn it into what is an already horribly delayed week 4 list. So here we go:

Better Than Butt Five Week 4: Songs I Would’ve Made Seperate Posts on Anyway Edition

1) 50 Cent-“Amusement Park
So, 50 makes it big with “In Da Club.” Not surprisingly, his follow-up album’s first single, “Disco Inferno,” is laughably bad like the Billy Baldwin this song was. However, he strikes big again with “Candy Shop,” and here we are an album later with a song that lets us remember just how magical a year in rap 2005. However, I won’t call this rehash, as, somehow, this song is both better and worse than “Candy Shop.” Of all my “Candy Shop” related gripes, the largest one was that the song, save for the first two seconds, didn’t remind me of a candy shop at all. At least this single manages to conjure up images of Curtis riding the merry-go-round (I’d assume some bullish, dull-witted animal like the Tony Yayo) while dropping gems like “I smile when I speak, but I’m being sincere/ And your pass is valid all summer my dear.” I can already tell this is going to be the best summer of my life.

2) R. Kelly-“Rise Up
Good move, Robert. Let’s face facts: playing “I Believe I Can Fly” at graduations is about as cliched as that Vitamin C song these days, so why not update it and make it a little more topical? Corny as it may be, “Rise Up” is probably the best thing I’ve heard from the hip-hop community in response to the Virgina Tech incident…which means it beats out that Jin freestyle. Now, don’t get me wrong, Nazty Fresh loves him some of that real raunchy Kels, but it’s refreshing to be able to listen to an R. Kelly song every once and a while that I know I could enjoy with my moms.

3) R. Prophet-“Run Tell the DJ
A little while back, Eli and myself got drunk and did what we do drunkenly best-talk about rap. Now, somewhere along the way, we got on the subject of this obscure joint, and I promised a posting of it. Recorded sometime after Wooden Leather, I believe this track was supposed to be the first single off the solo R. Prophet album. Rewind: For those of you not sure, R. Prophet was that funny sounding MC from Nappy Roots. You know, the one not actually from Mississippi. I think he’s from…Oakland, maybe? I don’t know, one of those places without much of a rap scene. Anyway, this track really should’ve been fire. With Mannie Fresh on the boards and Prophet doing a much nimbler Juvenile, I really should not have been disappointed like this. Alas.

4) Common-“The People ft. Dwele
A few weeks back Kanye mentioned how his production style for Finding Forever, an album dedicated to Dilla, was going to actually emulate, or the very least try, the chopped up soul style he was best known for. Well, if this track is anything like the rest of the album, my hat’s off to ‘Ye for doing a pretty damn good job. The drums, while not as sloppy, smack like a Dilla track, as does the frantic yet reliably repetitive horn and soul singing. Not to mention that beat’s good too. Now as long as Common doesn’t rhyme like he’s on an album produced by Dilla, than we’ll be good.

5)DJ Jazzy Jeff-“She Was So Fly ft. Kardinal Offishall
Now here are two brothers that really don’t get the shine they deserve. I could’ve picked any track off The Return of the Magnificent, but I’m really feeling this one at the moment. Listen and love.

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The Featurings Game Round 1: R. Kelly and Pete Rock

Posted by Elijah on April 26, 2007

Gee, guess which one I’m the bigger fan of.

So, in case you’re not up on what the Featurings Game is, here’s the original explanation. Anyway, Nazty Fresh gave me one that honestly shouldn’t count, since R. Kelly isn’t a rapper, but I figured what the hell, let’s do it.

Now, the hard part about this one is that these two obviously travel in different spheres, plus according to my own rule it doesn’t count if the rapper doesn’t actually rap on said song, which rules out alot of artists who Pete Rock has worked with. What I’ve got helping me out, however, is that both of these guys have been recording for over a decade. So I took the Chocolate Boy Wonder to the Chocolate Factory in three steps (I get the feeling alot of them will be three) but once again this is off the top of my head, ’cause that’s more fun for me. It’s possible it could be done in two if I seriously researched it, but that’s not the point. If anyone else has a better, or interesting, connection, by all means comment.

Step 1: Fat Joe – “Make It Rain (remix)” featuring R. Kelly, Lil’ Wayne, Baby, T.I., Ace Mack & Rick Ross

So this is the one I’m putting up today that everyone’s heard; a fun posse cut if you’re in the mood for that kinda stupid mainstream shit (and I actually don’t mean that in a bad way). Can I just say that Kelly’s verse is the perfect example of how having a good voice lets him say whatever dumb shit he feels like? “Don’t ask me what my name is, stupid bitch I’m famous” shouldn’t sound that beautiful.

Just shot a video with R. Kelly, but no homo, though,
Really didn’t wanna do it, but I fuck with TS and Fat Joe-Joe, though.
– Lil’ Wayne, “Dipset” (otherwise known as “Reppin’ Time”)

Step 2: Big Pun – “Twinz (Deep Cover ’98)” featuring Fat Joe
Capital Punishment, 1998

Proof that 1998 was longer ago than it feels to me: can you imagine a big, video single from a record being a cover of a pre-Chronic Dr. Dre track? (I wonder if the snitch in that video is supposed to look like the Beastie Boys in “Sabotage”?) Anyway, it obviously isn’t hard to find a song with Fat Joe and Big Pun on it, but this one is a favorite of mine partly because of the flawless source material, partly because Pun fucking kills it (“Little Italy” is all I’ll say), and partly because Joe’s voice seems tailor-made to say “yeah, and you don’t stop!” Although I wonder why a guy who supposedly speaks Spanish pronounces the “g” in Cartagena like a dirty American. Too bad this song wasn’t engineered to take out all of Pun’s horrific fat-man-breaths… disgusting, and also tragic in light of his death.

Step 3: Pete Rock – “Verbal Murder 2” featuring Big Pun, Noreaga, & Common
Soul Survivor, 1998

And now you see why I was making the connection by way of a detour through Terror Squad. This is a great track, it flips the same sample from BDP’s “Illegal Business” and manages to fit a Common who was sliding towards consciousness into a pretty damn hard song (for some reason the back of the CD listed him as “Common aka Willie Stargell”). Dunno about “pack clips between my nuts and my fat dick” though, that sounds dangerous.

So there you have it, round one is finished. If you enjoyed this, or felt that this idea has the potential to be enjoyable, please leave me a pair to connect in the comments… or just comment. See ya next time, fools.

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Better Than Butt Five: Week Three

Posted by drmilktrain on April 22, 2007

One of these days I’ll start a post not mentioning how I’ve been a bit busy the past few days, I promise.
But until then:

The Better Than Butt Five: Week Three (Reasons Why ODB Should Be On Any Cover You Make To A Song Ever Edition)

1) Ol’ Dirty Bastard-“Cold Blooded” [A Cover of Rick James’s “Cold Blooded“]
Let’s start with the basics. Nigga Please is rife with odd moments, some more successful than others, but you’re not fucking with a Dirty album until he croons something vicious. “Cold Blooded” is a whole lot of that. Fortunately, ODB had the grace of covering a song from a man who didn’t necessarilyhave the best voice (R.I.P. Rick James…and Dirt McGirt for that matter), so this cover is much more forgiving than some of the others.

2) George Clinton-“Flashlight (ft. Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes & Ol’ Dirty Bastard)” [A Cover of Parliament’s “Flashlight“]
Back in the day when the thought of seeing any of these three rappers on a track got me geeked, seeing all three of them together with George Clinton was damn near the best thing to ever happen to my life. Times have changed and the only rapper from that line-up that still gets me remotely excited isn’t even alive anymore. But as far as this track goes, it came during those glory days before one of them could do more than make up stories about slinging drugs and back when the other one still sounded half-excited to be rapping.

3) Ol’ Dirty Bastard- “ODB, Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart (ft. Macy Gray)” [A Cover of Elton John & Kiki Dee’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart“]
There are certain songs where I don’t need to say a damn thing because the title speaks for itself: this is one of them.

4). Ol’ Dirty Bastard-“Sussudio” [A Cover of Phil Collins’s “Sussudio“…sort of]
This is another one.

5)Mark Ronson-“Toxic (ft. Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Tiggers)” [A Cover of Britney Spears’s “Toxic“]
I think I really love this song, but I’m not sure. Ronson comes through with those swanky horns he’s been big on lately with Amy Winehouse. Tiggers, who I’ve never heard of before, does a good job with giving the song a new interpretation than the previous pop version. Sure the Ol’ Dirty verses, which some of you may recognize from the version of “Lift Ya Skirt” without Missy Elliott on it, have been used before, though perhaps not on anything that isn’t bootleg, I’ll listen to ODB say “Fuck a pussy ’till it’s orange like Ernie and Bert” every day of my life.

Bonus Track: Rhymefest-“Build Me Up (feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard)” [A Cover of The Temptations’ “Build Me Up, Buttercup“]
As the track was originally written by ‘Fest for ODB, it’s only fair that this gets mentioned as well. Sure Mark Ronson’s flipped pop songs before for a better performance, but you can’t really fault this too much. It’s cheesy and campy, yes, but once again, Dirt Dog proves that no one will be able to murder a classic like he does.

And for Eli: No m4a’s, I’ll go back and fix those Mafia joints too. And umm…Pete Rock and R. Kelly-go!

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