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Because Rap Music Is Better Than Everything


Posted by youngtro on January 28, 2009


With all the trouble in the world today, I need to find ways to ease my mind.  Usually, back in the day, I would turn on the radio.  Since that tends to have me wading in a knee-dip pile of absolute shite these days, I’ve lately been craving more exotic flavors, which is why I just wanna listen to some rap from fucking Japan!

But… it seems I cannot escape:  Teriyaki Boyz feat. Kanye West and Big Sean – Teriya-King

Apparently Martin Louis the King Jr. (oh yeah, fuck you for that one too) has tailed me across the Pacific in order to jump up on a track with my favorite occasional-english-speakers the Teriyaki Boyz, which I guess also marks his return to rap (that was quick), since both his verse and hook do not employ anything that sounds like or related to a vocoder.  Fascinating Mr. West, I find your contribution to be entertaining enough since you were willing to get down with these goofballs.  However, I don’t forgive that easy, you’re gonna have to make Jigga’s album not suck first, among other things, before I’ll be standing here with open arms again.

Oh, and I have no idea who Big Sean is, I guess he’s some dude from Japan based on his verse, but he chooses English more than his native tongue, and I suppose I haven’t heard a decent asian rapper who wasn’t a novelty in a while (or ever?), so I’ll give the kid a shot.

Update:  Well, this is what happens when I post at 5am and therefore don’t do my homework ahead of time, turns out Big Sean isn’t asian at all and is instead an artist signed to Yeezy’s G.O.O.D. music label.  I guess my wait for non-novelty asian rap will be an eternal one, or at least until Jin drops another random freestyle about some current event.


4 Responses to “Teriya-Kings”

  1. Henry said

    Nah, Big Sean is a U.S. rapper, check track 2 of the Benzi x Kanye x Plain Pat Sky High tape.

  2. elmattic said

    Damn, that track was serious ass.

    I can’t say I’ve much plowed through them, but there’s non-novelty Asian hip hop all over and (Chinese hip-hop). Just to waste more of your time.

  3. nwaterman said

    God, can no one escape Kanyes Robotic voice and jerry-curled mullet

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