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Forward To Moses, and CC Allah

Posted by Elijah on January 17, 2009


Young Jeezy – “My President” featuring Nas (link to video at OnSmash)

Well, it may not exist in a version embeddable in WordPress, but the video for the national anthem is out. If you ask me, no song better caught the moment in time, and I mean that. On election night, when the final results came in, I just switched to a live feed of everyone wildin’ the fuck out at Hyde Park, turned down the sound, and played “My President” three or four times in a row. Nothing would have fit better, and now a Jeezy song will be forever etched in my mind as the soundtrack to that historic moment.

Damn, I never thought I’d say that.

Besides being one of two times in ’08 that a rapper got Nas on his “conscious” cut and managed to completely outdo Mr. Jones, (three times if you count “Fried Chicken”) “My President” isn’t, of course, strictly about Obama and politics. There’s also crack talk and discussion of rims. Some could argue, therefore, that it isn’t the best summation of the moment of Obama’s election. Some motherfuckers don’t have ears. Sure, we were deluged with songs about how great Obama’s win was after his win, but those songs, dedicated entirely to Mr. President Elect, were all corny as goddamn hell. Jeezy’s entry, on the other hand, is everything Jeezy’s good at too: big and sweeping, victorious and motivational. It’s the anthem, these others are “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” or some shit.

(All things considered, it didn’t hurt that The Recession was better than a lot of records in ’08.)

Of course, there is one other political song out right now that might be even better, and that’s Lee “Scratch” Perry’s remake of the classic “Chase the Devil” (which everyone should know) where an old man rants extra-crazy about George Bush. My friend described it as being in “you kids get off my lawn which is made of moon orphans” territory.

Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Chase the Devil (George Bush)” (link to The Stranger)

It’s a loony good time! Hooray for politics!


2 Responses to “Forward To Moses, and CC Allah”

  1. Henry said

    You can embed OnSmash vids, man, just check the VodPod post to

    I’ve done it on mine, for this clip and the live with Jay clip.

  2. […] we all know this is the anthem for tomorrow, and to Elijah, it’s the national anthem, right? So when every single finally fucking proud to be a citizen of these United States Of America […]

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