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Made ya deal with the Devil, now you sold your soul…

Posted by youngtro on January 16, 2009

Keeping with our love for the Kings of the Underground, here’s a new track that popped up today on Hiphop DX:  UGK – Da Game Been Good To Me.

Not really sure where the track is from, whether it’s a refugee from Underground Kingz, or part of that final UGK record that Bun was talking about last year, I’ll be sure to update when I get the info.  For now enjoy this track, which sounds like some vintage spittin from our favorite Texas boys, and hope that it’s just the first of some new fire for the last time.


One Response to “Made ya deal with the Devil, now you sold your soul…”

  1. Elijah said

    It’s from the upcoming final album. On the one hand, I want me a new UGK album, on the other hand, I’d almost rather just have each song a year or something… because when it’s done it’s done, no more Pimp C.

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