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With An Album Title Like That, What’s Left To Say?

Posted by Elijah on January 15, 2009


Busta Rhymes – “Decisions” featuring Common, John Legend, Mary J. Blige & Jamie Foxxx
(zshare link jacked directly from Nah Right because I have no desire to actually download this song)

Phew. That’s a… whole bunch of singers. You can tell it’s from ’07 ’cause they’re actually singers (ZING!).

You know, I really wanted to be onboard for Back On My Bullshit, but Bus-a-Bus (aka my FAVORITE rapper in 1996-97) is not makin’ that shit easy for me. The idea of a back-to-basics Busta record sounds great. It really does. I just didn’t remember “the basics” being weird racism and the corniest shit ever. (For the record, much as it may fly in the face of my fellow bloggers here, “I Got Bass” is actually so weird that it’s growing on me.)

But, there are positive things to say here… no really. For example… the album cover is great. And, uh, an ’07 Common verse is still waaaay better than an ’08 Common verse (UMC… shudder) or an ’09 Common verse (a scene from Terminator: Salvation). Of course, it’s not the best vintage of Common verse you can get but… uhh… Hmm, well Mary J. Blige is always good, so there’s that. Enjoy your daily dose of Mary J. Blige, and let’s hope that there is something worthwhile to this new Busta record.



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