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Middle Finger To The Law

Posted by Elijah on January 12, 2009

If I may break from the snark and general ridiculousness for a moment: I leave this country for a week to soak up a bit of Caribbean sun, come back and shit’s gone crazy. I’m not naive, I know this shit has always gone on, but so brazenly all at once is hard to take, especially when an unarmed man was essentially executed right around where I grew up. I don’t expect another angry rap blogger’s voice to mean much, but I have to vent anyway.

Again, the bullshit ain’t new. My Dad’s from LA, and I was seven when the Rodney King fuckery happened. I still distinctly remember my father being disgusted and angry — but not the least bit surprised. These days though, it feels like the Sean Bell verdict was only yesterday, and yet I still feel like it’s something goin’ on right the fuck now. The moment Obama was elected, along with all my joy, there was a very palpable feeling in the back of my head that there’d be a rash of hate crimes by some of these cracka-ass-crackas (I should point out that I’m white, but some people just can’t be described any other way) who can’t accept that their “white, Christian nation” is changing… whether or not that change is entirely cosmetic, as some would argue.

Now plenty of people just as full of impotent rage as myself have pointed out, and rightly so, that there are good cops out there. Technically that’s true, but there are too many sayings about how letting injustice happen without disputing it is just as bad as taking part for me to even pick one. There’s this fucking frat boy mentality that seems to go on with cops where they defend each other no matter fucking what, where the police can fully and publicly throw all of their support behind the motherfuckers who do some heinous shit, or give them paid leave, because it’s totally cool for them to “support their own” no matter the situation. Now, I know hip-hop is also often all about loyalty, but there are limits to when fierce, unwavering loyalty is acceptable. A “good” cop who keeps his mouth shut about what those fucked up, racist-ass cops are doing is complicit. End of story.

Again, I don’t really expect my voice to help, but like a lot of people I’m too angry to keep quiet, and too inconsequential to do much that will make a difference. But, in the interests of helping us all through our anger, I compiled a bunch of my favorite songs that express this rage. This is far from any kind of definitive collection, it’s just the songs that I gravitate toward at a time like this. I guess it’s therapy. Feel free to suggest others.

We’ll be back to the goofy bullshit soon enough.

Cypress Hill – “Pigs” (from Cypress Hill, 1991)

Killer Mike – “Shot Down” (from Ghetto Extraordinary, 2005)
“I tell ’em like a white boy: ‘I like huntin.'”

Nas – “Cops Keep Firing” (from The N*gger Tape, 2008)

N.W.A – “Fuck tha Police” (from if you don’t fucking have this album already there’s something wrong with you)

Brand Nubian – “Probable Cause” (from Foundation, 1998)
Underrated classic.

The Coup – “I Know You” (from Kill My Landlord, 1993)

Jeru the Damaja – “Invasion” (from Wrath of the Math, 1996)

8Ball & MJG – “In the Line of Duty” featuring South Circle (from On Top of the World, 1995)

Main Source – “Just a Friendly Game of Baseball” (from Breaking Atoms, 1991)

Hip Hop For Respect – “One Four Love Pt. 1” (from Hip Hop For Respect, 2000)
The total breakdown of artists for this slightly corny track goes: Kool G Rap, Rah Digga, Sporty Thievz (remember them?), Mos Def, Shabaam Sahdeeq (remember him? me neither), Common (“yo, I pimp slap 5-0”), Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, and Posdnuos. From an EP of songs about the Diallo bullshit, which I’m sure we all remember, on which each track was a big star-studded affair. Pos is the real highlight of this track (and that applies to a lot of songs).

The Coup – “Pork and Beef” featuring T-K.A.S.H. (from Party Music, 2001)
Of course more of The Coup.

KRS-One – “Sound of da Police” (from Return of the Boom Bap, 1993)


One Response to “Middle Finger To The Law”

  1. drmilktrain said

    Hey now.
    Although I’m not sure which part of people getting gunned down by cops could be described as “better than butt sex” (were they hipsters…because then maybe), I will not tolerate jabs at my man Shabaam.

    …Unless I get first crack. Damn you, Eli.

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